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Best microwavable heating pads with velcro straps - Buying Guide: 2024

Microwave heat packs with velcro straps have proven to be one of the best ways to relieve many of the aches and pains we suffer from on a daily basis.

All the benefits of this natural remedy are based on thermotherapy, which is the application of cold and heat to relieve certain chronic, periodic or occasional pains.

What is the best microwavable heating pads with velcro straps?

Feel Recovery - Microwave Heating Pad for Neck Pain Relief
  • Size: One Size
  • Colors: Oxford, Hearts and Sport
  • Material: Breathable
  • Nº of products: 1 Piece
  • Uses: Rehabilitation and sport
  • 100% Cotton
  • Various Colors
  • Flax Seeds
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Heat up in 2 min

Feel Recovery - Microwave Heating Pad for Neck Pain Relief

Flax Seeds

Feel Recovery - Microwave Heating Pad for Neck Pain Relief

Lavender Flowers

Feel Recovery - Microwave Heating Pad for Neck Pain Relief

Various Colors

My Heating Pad - Multi-purpose heat and cold therapy pad
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Colors: Purple
  • Material: Cotton
  • Filling: Rice, Flaxseed
  • Uses: Multipurpose
  • Option with and without lavender
  • Suitable for various body areas
  • Not specify measurements and not 100% cotton
The length and size of the My Heating Pad heat wrap helps reduce fatigue and relieve headaches and neck pain. This is because its structure provides just the right amount of warmth and support to sensitive areas that cause pain and inflammation. Don't leave your health in the hands of others and recover faster from injuries by using this microwave-safe, seed-filled pad.

At its ends it has two straps that you can use for multiple purposes, also helping to maintain the original position in the neck. The thermal wrap is designed with 3 capsules and its filling is suitable for cold therapy, so you should place it in the refrigerator for a few hours to achieve the desired temperature. If you heat the seed pillow too much, you may smell burnt rice and cause dermatological lesions on the neck.

UNCN - Hot and cold therapy pad for neck and shoulders
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Colors: Gray, Purple
  • Material: Velvet
  • Filling: Linseed
  • Uses: Multipurpose
  • Cold-Heat Therapy
  • Filled with natural flaxseed
  • No size or weight specified
The almost immediate relief from neck pain that you will feel when using a UNCN heating pad filled with natural seeds is due to the efficiency of this product in thermotherapy. Its design allows for extended wear time, so you won't have to put it back in place every so often.

Go back to all your activities without fear of injury to the cervical area because you will also get as a benefit the prevention of diseases in this area. It is suitable to achieve natural soothing effects through cold, since flax seeds retain the cold to stimulate blood circulation. Use its end straps to get a better support, but keep in mind that the industrialized fabric is not suitable for high temperatures, which could cause burns to the user.

Thermi Paq - Heating Pad Microwavable with Adjustable strap for hot-cold therapy
  • Size: 30x15cm - 12x6in
  • Colors: Purple
  • Material: Cotton
  • Filling: Clay beads
  • Uses: Multipurpose
  • Velcro strap
  • Hot-cold therapy
  • Suitable for various body areas
  • Fully adjustable design
  • Delicate washable
  • Does not specify weight
The clay-filled ThermiPaq cold heat wrap offers deep, penetrating relief to sensitive areas that are affected by muscle pulls, nerve irritations and toxin buildup in tendons. Thanks to the quality materials and technology used in the development of this pad, controlled and uniform heating of the joints is achieved, which helps to achieve a shorter recovery from injuries.

It is characterized by being reusable and having Velcro straps that provide a better grip on the knee, elbows and wrists. This results in a durable and versatile product that can be used for multiple purposes. Make sure that when heating in the microwave it does not exceed the recommended time, otherwise the synthetic fabric may cause burns.

PhysioNatural - Extra large heat wrap for lower back pain
  • Size: One Size - 1.2kg - 2.6lbs
  • Colors: Purple
  • Material: Fabric
  • Filling: Linseed
  • Uses: Low back
  • Heat-Cold Therapy
  • Microwave safe
  • No material specified
Always choose reliable health products, which is why we recommend the PhysioNatural extra large thermal wrap, which will help you combat the symptoms of fibromyalgia, herniated discs and menstrual cramps. Thanks to its hook-and-loop design, you can also use it for lower back muscle spasms. It is constructed in chambers that improve support and maintain controlled temperature for the stimulation of blood flow.

Therapeutic moist heat is achieved by placing the thermal wrap in the microwave for the recommended time, then tighten the Velcro straps until you begin to feel the effects of thermotherapy. Keep in mind that its 100% natural filling can overheat and melt the fabric in the microwave, which can cause dermatological burns.

Purple Moon Collection - Extra Large heat pack Microwave for back, leg and thigh
  • Size: 50x25cm - 20x10in - 1,08kg - 2,4lbs
  • Colors: Blue
  • Material: Fabric
  • Filling: Linseed
  • Uses: Various body areas
  • Heat-Cool Therapy
  • Quality natural fill
  • No material specified
Look no further and choose a Purple Moon multipurpose lumbar support. Its fit generates the ideal wrap to keep the neck always with the necessary heat to cause vasodilation in the soft tissues. You can also use it on the shoulder and knee to obtain the same therapeutic effects of thermotherapy. Thanks to its use, injuries due to tears or tendinitis are easier to heal because you can use it on a daily basis.

Its closure system is with straps, achieving the perfect fit of the thermal wrap so that it does not slip out of place when you use it. It does not transmit odor, which can be used by people who are sensitive to perfumes. Its fabric is double stitched so it increases the durability of the product, but you should consider that it can cause itching and moisture accumulation.

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Feel Recovery - Microwave Heating Pad for Neck Pain Relief

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Types of microwavable heating pads you should know about

What are microwavable heating pads with velcro straps?

The microwave heat pack with velcro straps can be used several times a day. Since it is an external application, it does not harm our health at all, but on the contrary brings us more well-being and health without having to take any kind of conventional medicine.

When should heat be used?

  • Joint stiffness in arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Tendonitis.
  • Menstrual pain.
  • Neck pain.
  • Muscle contractures.
  • Cold feet and hands.
  • Blepharitis.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Warming the bed in winter.

When should you use cold?

  • Punches.
  • Sprains.
  • Injections.
  • Postoperative.
  • Reducing fever.
  • Migraine.
  • Headaches.
  • Inflammation of the eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

Advantages and benefits of the microwavable heat pack with velcro straps

The benefits of microwavable heating pads with velcro straps are many and for thousands of years, heat therapy has been the one remedy that many people have been able to use to heal certain ailments. More and more doctors and physiotherapists are recommending these products for temporary pain relief instead of conventional ointments or chemical-based medicines that can harm the body.

Applying dry heat to joints (osteoarthritis, arthritis...), muscles (contractures, strain...) and other areas (feet, eyes, forehead...) offers benefits that some tablets cannot, such as an overall feeling of well-being, calm and relief, all without unwanted side effects or adjuvants.

Heat therapy

The scientific method has shown that when heat is applied above 40ºC (104 °F), such as with a microwavable heat pack, the heat receptors are activated, and when this happens, the pain receptors are inhibited. In short, our body only perceives the new heat sensation and the pain sensation disappears.

What is this good for? Well, it is a fantastic natural remedy for relieving menstrual pain, baby colic, hand pain, finger pain, knee pain and other pain caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis. This is also the case when we suffer from lower back pain due to a pinched sciatic nerve or when we have so much tension and pain in our neck that we can hardly move it.

Cold therapy

Heat is very beneficial, but it is not always the best choice. There are times when you should use cold instead of heat, and here are some clear examples. If a wound has not healed well, heat should not be used as it increases blood circulation and can re-open or overheat the wound, leading to wound infection.

In these cases, it is better to apply cold to reduce the inflammation and pain in the area. With cold we can control blood flow and reduce inflammation and pain. To do this, it is advisable to use the pad of seeds that has been previously cooled in the freezer.

We are also grateful to the cold & heat pillow when we suffer from migraines or headaches, because when we apply it to the eyes or forehead, the blood flow to the head improves, so that it is supplied with oxygen and the annoying pain disappears. You can try putting the hot or cold pillow on the back of your neck so that the blood flows better to the brain, it is oxygenated and the headache disappears.

For breastfeeding mothers, cold (as well as heat) is also essential. Putting the cold pack on your breasts half an hour after feeding the baby or whenever they ache provides pleasant and completely safe relief as it does not ingest anything and does not interfere with breastfeeding.


You may be more familiar with aromatherapy as we were given lavender baths from an early age to help us sleep better. This plant is known worldwide for its relaxing effects and its scent is also an important ingredient in perfumery as it is accepted by almost everyone.

When we combine the warmth of the grain pillow with the scent of lavender flowers, we quickly forget the pain, as our head perceives the new stimuli of warmth and scent more strongly than the pain that made us use the microwavable pillow.


To benefit from heat, cold and aromatherapy, we only need a few plants: Wheat and lavender. On the one hand, wheat stores the needed heat, on the other hand, lavender enhances the pain-relieving and calming effect.

Heating pads with velcro straps are an excellent natural remedy that saves us from taking many conventional medicines that strengthen our body and do not create resistance when they are really needed.

When is it better to use heat or cold?

Heat is not always appropriate when we are injured. We can always ask ourselves whether heat or cold is better. Below is a list of conditions for which cold is recommended and conditions for which heat is recommended.

Heat therapy

Apply heat when:

  • At least two days after an injury that has previously been treated with cold and medication recommended by a professional. That is, when we have already passed the acute course but the pain persists.
  • When we have menstrual cramps.
  • For injuries caused by daily efforts (cleaning, sleeping in bad posture, accumulation of tension...).
  • To relax the muscles in case of muscular contractures

Do not apply heat if:

  • After a blow.
  • If inflammation persists.
  • For redness and infections.
  • When the skin already has a high temperature.
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure.
  • If you have sensory problems.

Cold therapy

Apply cold when:

  • Immediately after an injury (bruises, sprains, joint injuries, tendonitis, haematoma, cramps, etc.).
  • In case of severe inflammation (helps to reduce it).
  • After high-intensity exercise.
  • Always without direct contact with the cold element (ice, gels, etc.).
  • We can use it on all types of tendons, muscles and joints, although there are more sensitive areas such as the abdomen or back where we need to avoid too low a temperature

Do not apply cold if:

  • If there is an injury.
  • An infection has occurred.
  • Of course, also if you suffer from vascular disorders.
  • If you have hypersensitive skin.
  • If you tend to become dizzy or unconscious (especially if you tend to become dizzy or unconscious).

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